About Us

EARHEART HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS is different. It is a place where you can succeed. The EARHEART HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS Program is safe, easy, and fast. It supports your body instead of stressing it. Over 90% of over 900 patients succeeded. You can, too.

The most important difference is the fact that at EARHEART you are treated by a doctor. You will enjoy the safety and security of a treatment designed for your individual health needs, and for your personal success. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and others help you choose foods at a starvation level. Most physicians use phentermine and other dangerous amphetamines to cause weight loss. They have no better choice. EARHEART is a medical treatment that works.

The use of telemedicine allows this treatment to be delivered to you in your home, and brings you physician services at a greatly reduced cost. EARHEART will save you time and money.

You only need to diet for six weeks, and you will lose an average of five pounds every week. You can see your body change, as your clothes size gets smaller.

Our Health coach, trained and supervised by licensed medical professionals, will be there for you. You are never alone. You can return to a normal lifestyle – without forever dieting.

You will lose weight, and your overall health improves. The EARHEART system will support your body during weight loss, stopping the endless cycle, and bringing you control over your weight.

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